Paul Boothe

Paul Boothe is a Fellow at the Institute for Competitiveness and Prosperity. A former federal and provincial deputy minister, his interests include Canadian manufacturing and fiscal and environmental policy.
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Taxpayer bailouts for big corporations should be a last resort

Paul Boothe: Lessons from Ottawa’s 2009 automaker bailout for those seeking help for troubled industries like oil and gas and airlines today

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What the fourth industrial revolution means for your job

Opinion: Rapid technological advances will destroy some jobs, but it doesn’t need to be a catastrophe if we take steps to manage the transition


It’s time to shatter the myth that Canada is a great place to do business

Opinion: Canada has slid in global rankings about the ease of doing business, yet there has been almost no reaction from political or business leaders to this dismal decline


Why some companies become export superstars while others fail

Opinion: Successful exporters often already do well at home before they venture abroad—exporting is unlikely to turn a weak firm into a strong one

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How the Liberals might be able to salvage their tax reform plan

Changes to the tax code are genuinely needed, but the Trudeau government badly misread the public mood on the issue. It may not be too late, however

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Bill Morneau needs to start taking tax fairness seriously

Opinion: He can start by being transparent about how much high-income Canadians actually pay in taxes and receive in government transfers

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How exactly did Ontario Liberals balance the budget?

Kathleen Wynne’s government promised to restore fiscal balance not by raising taxes, but by cutting spending and growing the economy. How’d they do?

Xi Jinping and Donald Trump
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As the U.S. retreats on trade, China is quietly picking up the pieces

Canada has committed to diversifying its global trade portfolio. The key question now is how closely to align with China’s growing influence


How provinces can help Canada meet its emissions target

New research shows Canada has the tools in place to meet its climate commitment at a relatively modest cost to the economy, but the provinces could do more

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A Trump trade war with Mexico would be a disaster for both sides

If the Trump administration erects trade barriers against Mexico, it would be costly to that country, but also to U.S. consumers, companies and shareholders

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Too much innovation talk can be a bad thing

The Trudeau government says it’s focussed on an innovation agenda. But what does that even mean?

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If Trump wants to reduce regulations, he should look to Canada

Trump’s order that for each new regulation added, two regulations must be repealed, is not an effective way to cut red tape. Canada has found a better way.