Rosemary Westwood

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How women candidates and voters turned the House on Trump

A record number of women have been elected to Congress in a series of historic wins

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Women to watch as female candidates seek to tip the U.S. midterms

A record number are running, and some are fighting the elections’ most pivotal and dramatic battles

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The end of Roe v Wade, one way or another

Brett Kavanaugh doesn’t need to overturn the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark abortion ruling to drastically curtail a woman’s right to choose

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Donald Trump’s target for the midterms: legal immigration

Team Trump has pivoted to an attack on ‘birthright citizenship’ ahead of the midterm election—will his fearful base follow?

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What Trump’s impeachment might look like—and how dangerous it could be

It’s a possibility on everyone’s mind. The big question now is: how would his rabid, gun-owning supporters react to an attack on their leader?

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Instead of feting the Philadelphia Eagles, Donald Trump celebrates himself

Opinion: By uninviting the Super Bowl champions and wrapping himself in the flag instead, Trump himself exposes the flaw in his opposition to the NFL’s anthem kneelers

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Donald Trump has dragged James Comey into the partisan muck

Opinion: James Comey’s new book has prompted the former FBI director to descend into political partisanship—and that’s unfortunate

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What the U.S. pro-life movement forgets about its own roots

Opinion: Pope Francis has been slammed for equating the saving of ‘innocent unborn’ with migrants. But social justice sparked the anti-abortion movement in the first place

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These 8 students say why they’re marching for gun reform: ‘No one wants to be next’

Eight student organizers from blue and red states explain the reasons for their activism, their experiences with guns in America, and what comes next

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Why Donald Trump’s dramatic swing on gun control won’t last

Opinion: The President’s history and the nature of his base make it impossible to be hopeful about his feints toward gun control

Photographer Donna Ferrato documents the Women's March on Washington for Maclean's Magazine (Photograph by David Zelikovitz)
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Donna Ferrato: ‘What is wrong with white women?’

Donna Ferrato, the renowned photographer known for her work on domestic violence, looks back on the Women’s March as ‘the end’


Canada’s not ready for a future of massive storms

Floodplain maps are out of date, insurance is inadequate and few of Canada’s cities are prepared to deal with the looming crisis