The Thrill: Tidal, tech on screens, and Mad Men

This week, our pop-culture podcast discusses streaming music, why it's hard to authentically show tech on TV and film, and Don Draper


Every Friday, Maclean’s arts writers Adrian Lee, Emma Teitel and Julia De Laurentiis Johnson gather to discuss and break down the hottest topics in TV, film, books and music. Expect discussion, analysis and interviews, all replicating the feeling of having a coffee and talking pop with your friends!

On this week’s podcast, we speak to the Globe and Mail‘s Josh O’Kane about the state of music-streaming services, after Jay Z-owned Tidal’s high-profile—and much-mocked—press conference. Will it really be an “artist-owned revolution,” and how will it affect music listeners? Then, we ask: Why is it so hard for TV shows and movies to show social media or texting in an authentic way? We talked with Patrick Cederberg, a Canadian director whose short film Noah (which opened at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2013) inspired a recent Modern Family episode shot entirely on Apple screens. And then we discuss Mad Men: Why do we care about Don Draper so much?

You can see Noah here.

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