The Thrill: Trans people in pop culture, and calming riots with dance

Our pop-culture podcast discusses trans issues with a trans writer, and talks to Dimitri Reeves, Baltimore’s ‘Michael Jackson protester’

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This week, on Maclean’s pop-culture podcast—Adrian Lee, Emma Teitel and Julia De Laurentiis Johnson—we take a look at a remarkable moment for trans people in pop-culture. In the wake of Bruce Jenner’s remarkable 20/20 interview where the Olympian and reality TV star came out as trans—among other cultural touchstones and celebrity figures—what does this moment mean? What can pop culture and media do better? And does it have to? We discuss it all in an extra-long special segment with trans artist and activist Syrus Marcus Ware. Then, we talk to Dimitri Reeves, Baltimore’s “Michael Jackson protester” who worked to bring calm and joy to his city’s streets the only way he knew how: the power of dance. Why did he do it, and what was it like dancing up to a line of riot police?

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