This mid-century photographer captured the Inuit’s disappearing way of life

A new book chronicles the Canadian Arctic expeditions of photographer Richard Harrington, who visited the Canadian Arctic six times between 1948 and 1953
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Enhanced body parts, robot caregivers, and flying cars: author Jay Ingram on our future

"No matter how splashy or fantastic any new innovation looks, there is always a downside"

Why I used AI to write my novel

I wanted to know if artificial intelligence threatens artists’ livelihoods, or expands the bounds of creativity. It turns out it does both.
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Joshua Whitehead takes on CanLit

In ‘Making Love With the Land,’ Whitehead moves between genres and languages in a series of essays that open up a whole new window on the meaning of Canadian literature
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What do you do when your mother is Miriam Toews?

Debut novelist Georgia Toews is carving her own literary path, with some sage advice from her celebrated parent
Britt Wray and her seven-month-old son, Atlas. (Portraits by Jake Stangel)

Is it ethical to have kids in the climate crisis?

Researcher Britt Wray grapples with bringing new life into a dying world

Six must-read books for April and May

An ode to Canada’s lost buildings and a memoir by Elamin Abdelmahmoud are among our picks for the best books of the season
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Emily St. John Mandel can’t stop writing about pandemics

Her novel Station Eleven imagined a world ravaged by a pandemic long before COVID-19 existed. Now, she’s gone through one herself.

Meet the muses behind Robert Munsch’s most iconic stories

They were the kids who inspired some of the legendary author’s best-loved stories. Now, they’re all grown up.
Zarqa Nawaz (Photograph by Carey Shaw)

Zarqa Nawaz had a hit show, then a decade-long dry spell. She’s ready for her second act.

She had a hit with Little Mosque on the Prairie. Then came a years-long creative slump–until she landed a book deal and TV series on the same day.