Maclean's book reviews: sit down for a good read

Maclean’s books: sit down for a good read

This week’s reviews: a divorce lawyer’s novel about divorce, George Will on Wrigley Field, and a shocking look at American prisons




A Nice Little Place on the North Side: Wrigley Field at One Hundred, by George F. Will. Reviewed by Jaime J. Weinman.

The Caregivers: A Support Group’s Stories of Slow Loss, Courage and Love, by Nell Lake. Reviewed by Julia McKinnell.

The Hotel on Place Vendôme: Life, Death and Betrayal at The Hotel Ritz in Paris, by Tilar Mazzeo. Reviewed by Patricia Treble.

The Divorce Papers, by Susan Reiger. Reviewed by Sarah Weinman.

Inferno: An Anatomy of American Punishment, by Robert A. Ferguson. Reviewed by Brian Bethune.






















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