The Bachelor's engagement party

Reality TV meets real life, Colin Horgan comes face to face with Brad and Bianka, tweets are tweeted and vodka is consumed

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The Bachelor Canada official engagement party

"Hey Colin, you should come out," The Bachelor tweeted to Bachelor Panel panelist Colin Horgan about his engagement party Saturday night in Toronto. ‘Gonna be sick." Horgan will be around later with all the details. In the meantime, this:

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@cfhorgan hey Colin. You should come out though! @muzikclubs gonna be sick!Brad Smith
Ok tweeps, for some part of the next couple hours ill be tweeting from the #BachelorCanada official engagement party in Toronto. Yeah.colin horgan
Engagement party of @Biankakamber11 and @bradcsmith !:) #finally #soexciting :)Raghad A.K
So excited to have our first public appearance @muzikclubs with @bradcsmith whos coming to our engagement party ??? Kamber
That is, assuming they let me in. If not… I’ll just carry on with life, I guess.colin horgan
Well kids, I’m still in line. The bouncer is one of your classic I’m-really-polite-for-now-but-will-have-the-police-come-bear-you type.colin horgan
Now I’ve reached a secondary bouncer. Who is less convinced that I’m here to cover this. Which, frankly, is fair. I would be too.colin horgan
But apparently he likes me, so I’m in. Either that, or he pitied me. Probably the latter.colin horgan
This, btw is @muzikclubs. It smells flowery. horgan
Oh my god you guys, I’m basically the first person here.colin horgan
I don’t know what my life has become.colin horgan
At my best friends engagement party. Now off to ours @muzikclubs Smith
@muzikclubs getting ready for me and B?Brad Smith
Me and @biankakamber11 before our engagement party!! She’s a Genie in a bottle! Smith
Great celebrating my Engagement Party with my WeddingParty/BestBuddies @AJaversa85 @bradcsmith @wattsjj416 @NeilDuffy Scott
“@_shannon_bailey: @bradcsmith @Biankakamber11 have fun tonight !!! #biggestfan #BachCan” ur a dollBianka Kamber
No sign yet of @bradcsmith or Bianka. But I’ll update you guys, of course. Because this is my life.colin horgan
I’m standing by a gold lion statue. I… I don’t know. Rihanna is on. Obviously.colin horgan
There is a man here wearing acid wash jeans. All is lost.colin horgan
For the record: my attire: seater, jeans. Everyone else: promcolin horgan
In any case, I’m now fearful the couple of the night might make a fashionably late entrance.colin horgan
"I think they’re on their way!" says the DJ of @bradcsmith and @biankakamber11 Well, let’s hope so. Otherwise, tweeps, it’ll just be me.colin horgan
@bradcsmith @Biankakamber11 you guys look amazing CONGRATS
Soo unexpected…. @bradcsmith and bianka Fuciarelli
There are go-go dancers in white tutus and black bras. I am very far from home.colin horgan
Go-go dancer, as explained horgan
Go-go dancing ballerinas just did a shift change. This is basically what this night has come down to for me. Keeping track of that.colin horgan
I’ve had a few emails of encouragement and stick-with-it sentiments. Thank you all.colin horgan
Apparently Charlie Sheen had an appearance night here. According to staff, he was… very much like you’d expect Charlie Sheen to be.colin horgan
Like I said, singularity achieved: horgan
@bradcsmith @biankakamber11 Haha thanks! Nice to meet/chat with you both. Enjoy the night.colin horgan
@cfhorgan @biankakamber11 come on way more interesting than getting stuck in a booth with us!!!! Your a beaut buddy!Brad Smith
@cfhorgan @acoyne fear and loathing in Torronto, redux . Wherein Horgan reinvents gonzo journalism for the 21st century . It’s about timeFrank Graves
Ok twerps that’s it from me from the @muzikclubs. Night all. Watch for the story @MacleansMagcolin horgan

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