The Oscar montage that never was

A TFCA reminder of the many fine movies lost in the dust of the Academy Awards

Now the Oscars are dead and buried, devoured by the microbial enzymes of countless Twitter feeds, let’s take one last look at a year in movies that the Academy only half-recognized. Lost in Oscar’s myopic gaze were films like Melancholia, Shame, Tintin, Martha Marcy May Marlene, Attack the Block, Drive, A Dangerous Method, Café de Flore, Le Havre, Mysteries of Lisbon, Into the Abyss, Project Nim and Nostalgia for the Light. Those titles were among the 2011 movies honoured by the Toronto Film Critics Association—along with many of the Oscar picks. So here’s the Oscar montage that never was, a mash-up of the TFCA’s 28 nominees and winners, edited by yours truly, using music only from the soundtracks:

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