Minute of the day: Wilder Penfield

'Dr. Penfield, I can smell burnt toast!'

Maclean’s is partnering with the Historica-Dominion Institute to celebrate the return of the Heritage Minutes. Over the next few weeks we’ll be featuring the most memorable Minutes, along with a few illustrious parodies, and a sneak peek of the brand new Minute set to be released on Oct. 15 for the bicentennial of the War of 1812.

This is the Minute that taught a generation of kids a new tactic to annoy their parents: Incessantly screaming, “Burnt toast, I can smell burnt toast!”

This Minute in a nutshell: “Dr. Wilder Penfield, he cured my seizures, and hundreds more. They say he drew the roadmap of the human brain. We just called him the greatest Canadian alive.”

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