Mr. Rogers would have loved this remix

Warning: once you hear his gentle voice singing 'Garden of Your Mind' you may want to listen to it all day

Gene J. Puskar/AP

Remixing old TV clips into songs: it’s not just for students and frustrated musicians anymore. Now it’s an official, legal part of a network’s operation. This video, “Mister Rogers Remixed,” is a production of PBS Digital Studios, remixing one of PBS’s flagship kids’ shows – and its famously gentle-voiced host, the late Fred Rogers – into a soothing song.

Rogers is even more well-suited to this kind of video than other stars who have been unoffically “songified,” because his cooing, comforting delivery already has a musical inflection.

But now that PBS has done this, the floodgates for other networks to remix the voices of their own stars–instead of letting YouTube amateurs do it for them– should open. 

Even PBS should probably get more aggressively into it. Who wouldn’t want to hear the donation-friendly accents on Downton Abbey underscored with a good, strong beat?