Molson takes on Sochi -

Molson takes on Sochi

David Goldman/AP

David Goldman/AP

Not all Canadians may love its beer, but when it comes to marketing the Olympic Games, Molson is running a clever campaign. First it was the beer fridge at Canada House that only opened with a Maple Leaf-encrusted passport. Soon stories were everywhere, helped by a catchy video.

Olympic athletes couldn’t resist getting in on the action.



But Molson was determined to place in one of the toughest competitions around: Twitter. The @molson_canadian account has pumped out cheeky graphics to commemorate seemingly every occasion. And feeds were clogged with retweets and mentions. Will the campaign result in more beer sales? We’ll know when the next quarterly results come out. But people are talking about Molson Canadian. And that’s the point.

Just before the opening ceremonies:

After Alex Bilodeau and Mikaël Kingsbury won gold and silver on the moguls:

Before the women’s hockey team took on, and beat, their arch-rivals, the United States:

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