NEB conditionally approves Line 3 replacement pipeline into U.S.

The $7.5B project involves rebuilding a 1,660-kilometre pipeline that's nearly a half-century old

CALGARY —The National Energy Board has recommended Enbridge’s Line 3 Replacement pipeline into the U.S. be approved, subject to 89 conditions.

The $7.5 billion Line 3 Replacement project involves rebuilding a 1,660-kilometre pipeline that’s nearly a half-century old and has had several ruptures over the years.

It would enable 760,000 barrels a day to be shipped from Hardisty, Alta., to Superior, Wisc.

Today, the aging line is only shipping about half of that.

There are separate U.S. permitting processes that the project must undergo before construction can begin.

Regulatory wrangling in Minnesota has already delayed its planned startup by two years to 2019.