The death and re-birth of #Twinkies

'Hey. Remember that one time when we all Tweeted about Twinkies? Ha ha, we're so stupid'

The death and re-birth of #Twinkies

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Legend says that Twinkies can survive a nuclear holocaust, but can they survive employee contract negotiations? On Friday, Hostess Brands Inc., the makers of Twinkies, announced plans to shut down after the company couldn’t get striking employees to come back to work. Many Americans went out to buy up any remaining stock. Before shelves could be cleared, a Texas judge urged that the union and Hostess get back to the renegotiating table.
BREAKING: Hostess and Bakers Union agree to mediation, preventing shut down.CNBC
Twinkies saved? Hostess and Bakers Union agree to mediation. STORY:
“@cyborgsumo: THIS is why twinkies are staying around.” HAHANot Regal
Death of Twinkies on hold as judge tries to save Hostess jobs Ablan
Just so we’re clear: Ding-Dongs and Twinkies can figure out a way to avoid closing up shop, but the NHL cannot. Sigh.Adam Proteau
While the two sides try and work out a deal, folks are still stocking up as much as they can while others are selling what could be the last batch of Twinkies online for a hefty profit.
Just bought all the Twinkies in Downtown Norfolk. If you’re nice maybe we can share.
So they legalize marijuana and then get rid of Twinkies? Is our government playing some kind of cruel joke on us?Danny Tosh™
Watchu know ’bout blowin’ 21mil on Twinkies? Beckman
Twinkies are being sold for 7600 dollars on ebay……this country is messed upKatie Killeen
Attention, people buying Twinkies for $50 online: The Twinkie is not extinct Atlantic
MEME: Twinkies or $63 Mets Tickets?
Gotta love it. Of all the thousands of businesses that have shut down, the one Americans will fight to save is Twinkies.Dan Ewen
The two sides have yet to come to a deal, so the fate of Twinkies is still unknown. Some are prepared for the worst, while others will be quick to forget.
R.I.P Twinkies…!!!
What will be harder for people from the future to explain to their children: Twinkies or polar bears?Comedy Central
How could Twinkies be gone? Weren’t they supposed to survive a nuclear holocaust?Joy Behar
I’m not positive… but do you think that the Mayan calender actually accurately predicted the end of "The Twinkies" and not "The World"?The Highest Of High
Who cares if they really stop making Twinkies? If you ask me, I say stop making ALL junk foods! See how the quality of life would improve!Alicia Fontnette
Who cares so much about the stupid twinkies!??? Nobody cares..haven’t had a Twinkie in like 4 years..Jason Allen Carbaugh
who. cares. about. twinkies. If they try to take Little Debbies then we’ll start a revolution.Marjorie Prvl
Remember that one time when we all Tweeted about Hostess and Twinkies? Ha ha, we’re so stupid.Ryan