Who earns what

Maclean’s compares how big, or small, your paycheque really is

In a world where people share every little detail of their lives, it’s the last, dirty secret: How big (or small) is your paycheque? In Maclean’s first-ever national guide to what Canadians earn, we take a figurative peek inside people’s wallets to answer that question.

Our researchers delved into public documents, scoured industry databases and sifted through reams of union agreements for the wages and salaries of everyone from arborists to bankers to comedians.

We asked such high-profile figures as athletes and celebrities what they earned, and when they didn’t tell us, we talked to agents and analysts to find out.

The end result is both entertaining and informative.

The question is: How do you measure up?

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New posts will be published daily. The full print-edition Who Earns What issue is available on newsstands.