Economic analysis

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The working class has had enough

How a once undervalued, ignored and politically silent group is fighting back

Mark Carney sits down with Paul Wells: Maclean’s in Conversation

The former Bank of England and Bank of Canada governor is back in Ottawa with a new book. He discusses Brexit, the pandemic and more with Paul Wells.

Despite endless political urgings for people to pull together, depression and anxiety are rampant (Go Nakamura/Getty Images)

Capitalism’s connection to our ever-worsening mental health

Andray Domise: Despite headlines constantly blaring that our standard of living is ever increasing, social stressors gnaw away at the foundations of our collective psyche

The ‘safe bets’ and ‘wild cards’ needed to meet Canada’s net zero emissions target

Early-stage technologies like small modular reactors could help large industry slash its GHG emissions but careful public investment will be needed

Shot of a young couple using a laptop while working on their home finances

RRSP and Investment Guide

This is a link post that leads to the RRSP and Investment Guide

Shmayess (right) left Syria for Görlitz, Germany, in 2015; his wife, Ammar, joined him a year later and the couple recently opened a restaurant (Photograph by Sadiya Ansari)

What Canada can learn from Germany’s mass, unplanned migration

Five years ago, more than a million refugees arrived in Germany. Today, many are working full-time. Here are the lessons Canada can learn from what went right—and wrong—in Germany.

A vacant commercial location is pictured for lease in downtown Vancouver in October 2020 (Jonathan Hayward/CP)

What Canada’s economic recovery might look like

How does Canada come back from its massive pandemic deficit? Depends who you tax.

14 things we thought were true before 2020

Democracy is our destiny? Not sure about that anymore. Rich countries can overcome? Doesn’t seem like it. In a crisis, leaders will lead? If you’re lucky. All the ‘truths’ 2020 has called into question.

Traders at the NYSE in late February; fears over COVID prompted a stock market plunge (Scott Heins/Getty Images)

This year has proven that the stock market has no bearing on our grim economic reality

Long treated as a key economic indicator by many, it is now completely detached from how the economy is actually doing. (Which is badly.)

Canada needs more infrastructure spending, but not as short-term stimulus

Christopher Ragan: Experience has shown that spending vast sums of public money on infrastructure both quickly and effectively is almost impossible

COVID-19 has drastically affected Canadian travel spending

Canadian tourism spending is projected to drop by $42 billion in 2020. Here’s a snapshot of COVID-19’s impact on travel and peoples’ vacation expectations.

Why Canada might need a temporary COVID-19 tax and repayment fund

Trevor Tombe: It’s time to start thinking outside the box with temporary measures that isolate federal and provincial debt related to the pandemic