Real Estate

THE MOVE_Nishant Kalia and Tanushree Holker_BY ALLISON SETO103

They Vowed Never To Buy Pre-Construction. Then They Did Anyway

Tanushree and Nishant immigrated then apartment-hopped around Canada before becoming buyers
Le Tour d’Observation

Inside Montreal’s New Waterfront Tetris Tower

The Port of Montreal’s new landmark is a monument to local life
Justine Alexandra Design – Hill Cres

A Multi-Gen Home With a Basement Playground

Jaclyn Sopik and her family built a massive pad for grandmas and children alike

A Lakeside Vintage Wonderland

An Etsy seller fills her lakeside B.C. cottage with secondhand treasures

A Minimalist-Modernist B.C. Home

“We were pushed out of our comfort zone, to embrace things we would not necessarily think of on our own”

Inside a Renovated Church by the Sea

An artist transformed this Newfoundland church into a three-bedroom rental property

A Plant Lover’s Paradise

A spiralling roof, a 60-foot waterfall, “dinosaur trees”—how architects breathed new life into Winnipeg’s The Leaf

From Creepy Basement to Swanky Speakeasy

“Now we have a club in our basement.”
Odette Karlsson15

Mortgage-Free in Alberta

Odette Karlsson sold her Kitchener townhouse for $700,000 and bought a new one in Alberta for half the price

A Full House in New Brunswick

The Ostrander bunch moved to Fredericton with three adult kids, four dogs, three cats and a hamster