Acadia University: student life on campus

Best place for a nap, good hangover breakfast, and more

Acadia University campus

Unofficial school motto: ‘You’re not just a number here’
Best place for a nap: K.C. Irving Environmental Science Centre on a leather couch, fireside
Best place to study: T.A.N. Coffee, second-to-fourth-floor library, and K.C. Irving Centre after that nap
Best hangover breakfast: Wolfville Farmers’ Market on Saturday mornings (year-round) will fix anything that’s ailing you
Favourite campus food: The newly renovated Axe Bar and Grill
Best cheap lunch: Naked Crepe Bistro, the Rolled Oat
Favourite watering hole: Unofficial official rules are: Wednesday (trivia) and Friday nights are at the student bar Axe, and Thursday and Saturday nights are the Anvil Beverage Room
Perks of living in this town: You will think you are living on a movie set at all times–it’s that charming
Where to live: Off campus, west of Gaspereau Ave. and east of Westwood are fair game for students. On campus, I would recommend Chase Court and Roy Jodrey Hall.
Weirdest tradition: A man is paid to cut a section off a massive log with a chainsaw every time the Axemen get a touchdown. You heard me.
Best live music venue: Paddy’s Brewpub and Just Us! Coffee Roasters hold open mics; Festival Theatre and University Hall host performers as well

PROFILE: Acadia University | Wolfville, N.S. | Founded 1838

University Insider: Alexandra McKaigue, 21, English and Politics

At Acadia University, students receive support both inside and outside the classroom. Faculty constantly encourage students to visit during office hours for personal academic development, which demonstrates their commitment to running that extra mile for students. This year, I overheard two first-year students in the second week of September walking out of a classroom saying, “When they say ‘please come for help’ they actually mean it! They were happy to see us.” I remember having that aha moment myself when I felt that I was always going to be in good hands.

The small student population is not only good for the student-to-professor ratio, but also ensures students don’t feel intimidated when using resources on campus such as the departments’ specialized librarians, the writing centre, and other facilities provided to help with accessibility.
The small but mighty community encourages self-development, but also the development of others. There are volunteer-affiliated programs such as SMILE, Girls’ and Boys’ Night Out, and clubs like Community Outreach Acadia.

There is no hiding here at Acadia. You will always be engaged with activities like home games, and independent movies at the Al Whittle Theatre. It’s heaven for hippies, hipsters, young professionals, advanced researchers, artists, activists and athletes. You won’t be able to walk down Main Street without hearing people say hello and the occasional “good-n-u?” It will feel like home from the very first days, I promise.

Wolfville is in the heart of the beautiful Annapolis Valley, within driving distance of some great getaways, such as the Blomidon Provincial Park, Cape Split Provincial Park Reserve and fantastic beaches. But even if you don’t leave town, you’ll be inspired by the ivy-covered architecture here on campus!

Local Vibe
Being local is the vibe. With a campus and community highly concerned about sustainability, there are many fair trade vendors, responsibly sourced health food stores, wineries and markets within the radius of the town, selling fresh local produce and other home-made goods.
The school is a social and cultural hub for the Annapolis Valley, holding events such as the Devour Food Festival, the Deep Roots Festival, and the H.T. Reid Lecture Series. Pro tip: If you want to sound like a true local, go to Joe’s Food Emporium and order Scott Skins.

The Skinny
Try Acadia’s student newspaper, The Athenaeum, established in 1874. And for many great services, visit the Acadia student union.