Brandon University: student tips for surviving life on campus

Best and worst places to study, where to take a nap and more

(Milana Paddock/Brandon University)

Unofficial school motto: ‘Be You at BU’
Best place for a nap: The music lounge
Best cheap lunch: Soup at Forbidden Flavours
Favourite campus food: Pizza at Forbidden Flavours
Perks of living in this town: Short commutes
Best place to study: North Stacks at the John E. Robbins Library or Down Under
Worst place to study: The cafeteria
Coolest electives: Disaster Movies: Fact or Fiction
Best campus events: Jazz Night
Best giveaway: Tickets to the Canadian Museum of Human Rights, the door prizes at the Long Night Against Procrastination, and the $500 tuition rebate door prize at MOTIV8
Best live music venue: Forbidden Flavours Jazz Night or the Double Decker
Best spectator sport: Any Bobcat game
Official school motto: ‘Aletheuontes de en Agape’ (Speaking the truth in love)

PROFILE: Brandon University | Brandon, Man. | Founded 1899

Brandon sees some of the coldest weather in Canada each winter. But even with good odds of their cars not starting, a couple of thousand students trudge to Brandon University every year for their degree. But who can blame them? Brandon University is a thriving school with much to offer. With personable professors and small class sizes—especially for upper-year courses—Brandon University’s atmosphere allows for increased interactions between students and professors. Students have great opportunities to participate in class, giving them a chance to apply concepts to current issues. Brandon University’s liberal arts requirements encourage students to explore disciplines and subjects that may spark hidden interests. Student services has everything you need to succeed. They have drop-in times for help with math, study, and writing skills. They also offer workshops to help you cite a source correctly or figure out that statistics problem. Brandon University contains a fantastic undergraduate library with staff who are always available to help you find sources for a research essay. And, although there have been some issues with the bookstore, Campus Books is improving and offers textbook rentals to save you money. Brandon University is not limited by its smaller size, offering a valuable educational experience.

Brandon University offers Healthy Living Centre membership to students (included in tuition), giving students access to a fitness centre, walking track, and other cool extras. The university also houses the Evans Theatre, a mini, volunteer-run movie theatre featuring the best of the Toronto International Film Festival and some local historical pieces. Also, Jazz Night is the perfect place to take a quick, weekly break from studying. And, if you are looking to add more culture to your experience, the School of Music has weekly concerts.

Local Vibe
Although not the biggest city in Manitoba, and far from the biggest city in Canada, Brandon offers a big city experience with a small-town vibe. Brandon has become an international hub for immigrants from all over the world, leading to global restaurants like Chili Chutney and Ukrainian Cuisine. Brandon is also the location for many fairs and shows throughout the year. For example, the Royal Manitoba Winter Fair in March and the Manitoba Summer Fair in June.

The Skinny
Websites like will ensure that students are caught up on Brandon life.