Concordia University of Edmonton: student tips for surviving life on campus

Best place for a nap, delicious cheap lunch and more

(Concordia University of Edmonton)

Best place for a nap: The fold-out chairs in the quiet study area on the top floor of the library
Best cheap lunch: There isn’t too much variety on the Concordia campus, but the cafeteria has some decently priced meals. If you want to save money, order what they have on special.
Best hangover breakfast: Can’t go wrong with some good old-fashioned Canadian poutine from the cafeteria
Favourite campus food: Toasted BLT from the cafeteria
Favourite watering hole: The Tavern, the Black Dog, and Hudsons on Whyte Ave are great places to get food and drinks
Best place to study: Top floor of the library in the quiet study area for individual studying, and Tegler or the basement of the library for group studying
Worst place to study: The cafeteria can be a jungle at times
Coolest electives: The graphic literature class is awesome if you like comic books
Best campus event: Patio beers in the spring and summer. Also Harry Potter day.
Best live music venues: The Starlight Room is the best venue in the city
Official school motto: ‘Initium sapientiae timor domini’ (‘Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom’)
Most notorious bus route: The 2 has a habit of arriving early while you are waiting to cross the street, but if there are other students at the bus stop, just shout and they will ask the driver to wait for you

PROFILE: Edmonton, Alt. | Founded 1921

University Insider: Jacob Burgess, 23, English

Concordia is one of the smaller universities in Edmonton, but that is part of what makes it such a great learning environment. Rather than classes with hundreds of students packed into an auditorium, freshmen at Concordia get a much smaller and more intimate experience. Every professor I’ve ever had has made an effort to learn every name in the classroom. They absolutely love it when students participate and they are readily available to offer help outside the classroom should the student need it. The enthusiastic professors help to create an environment where students are less likely to feel shy about participating in classroom discussions. As an English major with a minor in philosophy, my favourite way to learn is through discussion. The small class sizes also make it much easier to make friends, as you are more likely to find yourself in the same class with students you already met through other courses.

Although Concordia isn’t located near any of the busier parts of the city like downtown or Whyte Avenue, it is surrounded by a beautiful ravine with an off-leash park running through it. Taking a refreshing walk through the woods is a great way to relax in the warmer months. If the day isn’t too windy, there are also a few picnic tables under the shade of a massive oak tree, which provide a calming place to crack open some books and study in the warm summer air. A short walk from the campus, you will find a bench with a superb view of the downtown Edmonton skyline. This is my favourite place to read in the spring and summer.

Concordia makes up for its small size with enthusiasm. Although they may be a bit smaller than those at MacEwan University and U of A, the clubs at Concordia are thriving nevertheless. If you are interested in politics, we have an award-winning Model UN club you can join. The last overseas conference our school attended was in Japan, and the next will be in either China or New York City. We also have all kinds of sports teams, from basketball to curling. Concordia has movie nights every month, so you can grab some friends and popcorn and enjoy a good flick. Additionally, we have games night once a month where you can play board games or video games on the projector screen.

Local Vibe
Edmonton is cold—very cold. But it is a great city. The people are kind and welcoming, and we have a wonderful local art scene. If you don’t mind the weather, Edmonton is also a great place for winter sports. Downtown on Victoria Trail we have a massive free skating rink with trails that branch off into areas with picnic tables. The ground in these areas is layered with rubber, so you can eat lunch with your skates on and jump back on the trail. If you’d like to grab a few beers, play some pool, see some live music, or just hang out and chat with a few friends, then Whyte Avenue is the place to go. We also have the famous Edmonton Fringe Festival every year, so if you’d like to see some fantastic plays or watch some street performers balance things on their chins, look no further.

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