Sobey School of Business EMBA

Saint Mary's University, Halifax

The volume and velocity of information available to executives today is unparalleled. The Sobey School of Business at Saint Mary’s University offers an executive MBA focused on giving students the ability to harness this data.

Evidence is the key to the program. Courses centre on finding and analyzing relevant, reliable evidence and integrating it into decision-making. From orientation to a large final project, working with facts is ingrained in the program. In a new course on research methods, students learn to hone their skills by finding, evaluating and applying evidence to managerial and organizational issues. Many faculty members are award-winning researchers, including Najah Attig, Canada Research Chair in finance, and Kevin Kelloway, Canada Research Chair in occupational health psychology.

Classes are held on alternate Fridays and Saturdays, with a break in the summer. The program is designed for managers who work full-time while studying, and they are encouraged to integrate their careers with their studies. Students complete a major research project. For most, this project relates to their firms, allowing them to offer new insights for efficiency, and solutions to existing problems.

Students also participate in international business trips, where they act as representatives for businesses in the Atlantic region. In 2018, students travelled to Belgium to represent eight Nova Scotian companies and connect with vendors at Europe’s largest food and seafood expo. In 2017, students travelled to Vietnam in partnership with the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency. While travelling, students also visit local companies, institutions and culturally significant locations.

This year, the executive and professional development department at Saint Mary’s University moved to the Sobey School of Business, with plans to launch new programming.

Full-Time: 18 months

Work Experience: 5 years

Cost: $53,000

Cost (International): $59,128

Total Full-Time Enrolment: 13

Female Students: 30%

International Students: 7%

Specializations: Evidenced-Based Management, Evidenced-Based Decision-Making, Evidence-Based Integration