Mount Allison University: Student life on campus

An insider’s guide to the best place to live, campus food and more

Kennedy Hunt
(Courtesy of Mount Allison University)

(Courtesy of Mount Allison University)

Kennedy Hunt, 22
Science and psychology

Kennedy Hunt (Courtesy of Daniel St. Louis)

Why did you choose Mount Allison?
Academically, I wanted a university that would provide me with ready access to my professors, research opportunities and a robust education. Personally, I only had one requirement: I needed to be close to my family to have their support during my studies.

Describe some of your best experiences so far.
I was lucky enough to be selected for a couple of internships in the Alumni Engagement Office at Mount A, where I helped plan homecoming, wrote for the Record (Mount A’s alumni magazine), managed content for Mount A alumni social media platforms and so much more. It was an incredibly valuable experience that helped me grow personally and professionally. I also conducted a research project with my industrial and organizational psychology professor, investigating the effects of the pandemic on employee motivation and well-being. Prior to this project, I had only experienced research within the confines of a classroom; after conducting my own research, I realized that it is something I would want to do as a career.

Are you involved in extracurricular activities?
I am the Psychology Society’s vice-president of social affairs and the Mount A Relay for Life executive sponsorship chair. Mount A has a vibrant club and society community, which makes it easy to find like-minded peers. The Mount Allison student union puts on an annual fair where all student clubs and societies provide information for new students to join or get involved.

What do you think of your professors?
I have always found that my professors genuinely care about their students and want them to succeed. Every time I approached a professor, I was met with kindness and had my question or concern resolved. My professors have gone above and beyond to make virtual learning as accessible and enjoyable as possible, and to support students’ well-being.

What do you think of the school’s administration?
Course registration is a smooth process for most students. I have always been able to enrol in my required courses. A few key steps are predetermining your ideal course schedule, registering at your allocated time and being mindful of prerequisites. Students can reach the Registrar’s Office by email to resolve any concerns in a timely manner.

What is off-campus life like in Sackville?
Sackville is a great place to immerse yourself in the university experience. The small-town atmosphere helps you feel at home and contributes to a true sense of student community. Cities like Moncton and Halifax are a short drive away and can be a fun weekend getaway with friends.

PROFILE: Mount Allison University | Sackville, N.B. | Founded 1839

Best place to live: On campus, Campbell Hall, and off-campus, Park Street
Best place to study: If you are looking for a quiet place, the library, but if you are not bothered by a little noise, then Gracie’s Café is the place for you
Best campus events: Homecoming and Sack Vegas
Best campus food: The wings from the campus pub, the Pond
Best cheap lunch: Gracie’s Café
Best pizza: Jack’s Pizza
Best place for a fancy dinner: Joey’s pub
Best bar for hanging out: Ducky’s
Best live music venue: Jennings Dining Hall
Best hangover breakfast: Patterson’s Family Restaurant
Best place for a nap: Your residence room
Best weekend activity: Going for a walk in the Waterfowl Park
The thing that surprised me most about the school: he emphasis placed on experiential learning. I had never considered the impact that an internship could have on my education. The Experiential Learning Office provides paid internship opportunities to all students, who train to develop their professional skills and get a chance to explore different careers.
If I could change one thing about the school: I love most things about Mount A, but I would suggest first-year students get more help planning their degree. It would be wonderful for incoming students to have a training session about what courses they need to graduate and how to plan their schedules.