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The fight to end hunger on Canadian university campuses

Forty per cent of post-secondary students in Canada are food insecure. Schools—and other students—are finding solutions.
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Self-care tips for post-secondary students

School is stressful enough without a pandemic layered on. Here are some tips for taking care and staying grounded.
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How Indigenous institutes are reclaiming education

The push for recognition of Indigenous institutes as a central pillar in Canada’s post-secondary landscape

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Students with disabilities are finding their place in medical schools—and beyond

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University of Toronto teaching assistants found solidarity in unusual ways—like a missed-connections network to help set people up with picket-line crushes
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Canada’s M.B.A. programs: a variety of options at 41 schools

Tuition and program lengths vary widely, and the traditional M.B.A.—two years, full-time—is no longer the only way to go

Double and triple threats: When an extra degree pays off

As Ph.D.s struggle to find work, some professionals are going back to school to get third and fourth degrees
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Law school in Canada: what will it cost?

Comparing tuition fees at Canada’s common and civil law schools
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The new faces of law school in Canada

The LPP, an alternative to traditional articling, attracts students who don’t fit the traditional mould