Private school


How private schools promote equity, diversity and inclusion 

Staff and students work together to ensure safe and welcoming spaces for all

How private schools keep parents informed and engaged

Collaboration and connection are key throughout a student’s enrolment
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From classroom to courts: What to know about private schools and sports

Private schools are supporting young athletes with world-class facilities and top-tier coaching

Three ways to impress private school admissions teams

Scoring an offer of acceptance requires more than just having good grades

How private schools specialize in top-tier teaching

From PhDs to subject-matter experts, faculty deliver an exceptional education

Four ways private schools build character

Shaping well-rounded students through social, emotional and psychological support
Private School

Private School Directory Fall 2022

Browse through Canada’s top independent and private schools to find the right fit for your child Special Advertising Feature
parents and private school

Three Reasons Private Schools Appeal to Parents

It’s about more than just securing a high-calibre education for their child

Guide to selecting the right private school

Following some simple steps can help you make the best choice for your family
finance and school

Four financial questions to ask when choosing a private school

Key considerations for parents to ensure you’re planning properly