St. Francis Xavier University 411: Best hangover breakfast, music venue, and more -

St. Francis Xavier University 411: Best hangover breakfast, music venue, and more

St. Francis Xavier University insider’s perspective on campus life

St Francis Xavier student Kate

St Francis Xavier student Kate Perkins-McVey.

The 411

Best place for a nap: First floor couches in the Angus L. Macdonald library

Best cheap lunch: Tall and Small

Best hangover breakfast: Waffle Bus

Favourite campus food: Rita Wraps

Favourite watering hole: The Inn (the campus bar)

Favourite late-night food stop: Kenny’s Pizza or the Wheel

Perks of living in this town: Seven beaches within driving distance

Where to live: Every residence is a good one!

Best place to study: Third floor library, the perfect combination of a quiet place to study with a social aspect. For those who get distracted easily, you are better off at the Physical Sciences Centre.

Worst place to study: Residence is never a good option if you like a quiet place

Best campus event: Wing night Wednesdays

Best giveaway: Free cookies and hot chocolate at Morrison Hall during exams

Best live-music venues: The Townhouse

Most unique tradition: X-ring ceremony

Best spectator sport: Can’t go wrong with any X-Men and X-Women sports!

Unofficial school motto: ‘Hail and health’

Official school motto: ‘Quaecumque sunt vera’ (‘Whatsoever things are true’)

Most original social event: House hockey cups

Best cultural event: Coady Coffee House

PROFILE: St. Francis Xavier University | Antigonish, N.S. | Founded 1853

University Insider: Kate Perkins-McVey, 21, Business Administration

All it took for me to fall in love with this university was walking on to campus. Noted for its Ivy League-style architecture and strong school spirit, it’s truly a special find tucked away in the small town of Antigonish, N.S. StFX is known for its small class sizes, unique traditions, academics, and special residential experience. Starting on your first day on campus you will immediately feel welcomed into the Xavierian family with the help of the Orientation Week facilitators, who we like to call “O-Crew.” They help build the strong connection that each and every student has with the university.

At StFX, you’ll be impressed with the classroom dynamics regardless of your program. Not only do we have strong academics and outstanding professors, but also the instructors ensure that the students never feel like a number in their classroom. They take the time to build individual relationships and ensure that they provide each student with endless opportunities to ask questions and seek extra additional help.

StFX has been my home away from home for the past four years and I could not imagine it any other way. Moving away was a scary thought at first. But, looking back, there has never been a day that I’ve regretted moving out east and choosing StFX for my undergraduate degree. The university has provided me with the opportunity to meet people from all over the world and develop time management techniques, organizational skills, and resilience when dealing with stressful situations. I’ve learned to balance both academics and a social life. I have acquired new skills and had valuable experiences, both inside and outside the classroom. Those things have allowed me to work toward attaining what we are known for, the X-ring. Wearing the X-ring is quite powerful. I know it will allow me to continue to make connections when I leave university.

There are many different ways for you to get involved at StFX, with 90 societies and clubs on campus—whether it is editing the school newspaper, competing in a business case competition, joining the skydiving society, or getting involved with a sports team. Make sure you don’t miss out on “Society Night,” where you can learn more about the opportunities the university provides for students to get involved. Still don’t think there’s an organization for you to get involved with? Start your own society!

Local Vibe
Antigonish is small, but it’s a beautiful place, even on the cold, snowy days. With students as the majority of the population, you are guaranteed to see someone you know while walking across town. There are so many opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, with seven sandy beaches only a short drive away, along with the Antigonish Landing, and Keppoch Mountain in the winter to enjoy some snowshoeing. The small, friendly town is what truly defines the StFX experience.

The Skinny
Check out or StFX Student’s Union to find out what’s going on at StFX! Want to follow StFX on social media? It’s at @stfxuniversity on both Instagram and Twitter.