Trent University 411: Coolest electives, best hangover breakfast, and more -

Trent University 411: Coolest electives, best hangover breakfast, and more

Jordan Porter (no credit)

Trent University student Jordan Porter

The 411

Best place for a nap: The Pit in Lady Eaton College

Best cheap lunch: El Camino’s, or any burrito in town, really

Best hangover breakfast: The breakfast special at Whistle Stop Café

Favourite campus food: The Ceilie

Favourite watering hole: Pig’s Ear Tavern (RIP)

Perks: The Quaker Oats factory makes the whole town smell like fresh-baked cookies

Where to live: Downtown

Best place to study: Window seat overlooking the river in Bata Library (with an outlet!)

Worst place to study: Bata Library during exams

Coolest electives: Indigenous Studies

Best campus event: Head of the Trent Regatta

Best live-music venues: The Spill, Historic Red Dog Tavern, The Gordon Best

Weirdest tradition: East vs. West Bank hockey tournament

Best spectator sport: Rowing

Unofficial school motto: ‘Bleed green’

Official school motto: ‘Nunc cognosco ex parte’ (‘Now I know in part’)

Most notorious bus route: West Bank Trent Express

Best campus event: Head of the Trent

Most original social event: All night study night at Lady Eaton

Best cultural event: Cultural Outreach

PROFILE: Trent University | Peterborough, Ont. | Founded 1964

University Insider: Jordan Porter, 26, Political Studies and Philosophy 

When I first came to Trent University, I did not know a single person. The pathways and corridors of this campus seemed like an impossible labyrinth that I would surely never master. On top of that, as a student moving from the Toronto region, I quickly realized how harsh the winters could be in Peterborough. I was regularly reminded of the cold while making the journey from East Bank to West Bank over the ever-beautiful Faryon Bridge overlooking the Otonabee River. However, I soon found my classes, dressed for the weather, met a few friends, and learned that my professors were in fact humans like you and me. I began to feel warm at Trent, and looked forward to calling this place my home for the next little while.

Although the campus and the town were quickly growing on me, it wasn’t until I went to visit friends at other institutions across Ontario that I began to understand how unique Trent University really was. Our college system, originally inspired by Oxford University, is compared more often these days to the house system of Harry Potter. Like at Hogwarts, students are sorted into one of Trent’s four colleges. Once placed, you will find yourself flooded with the sense of community and allegiance to your college throughout your university career.

With a student population hovering somewhere around 8,200, Trent offers an intimate university experience. During my time here, I have had dozens of opportunities thrown at me that offered experience and confidence that are valuable for my future beyond Trent. In terms of athletics, Trent may be known best for the Head of the Trent Regatta, or HOTT as we like to call it. This annual event welcomes dozens of top-tier universities to face-off, putting their rowers to the test to see who will conquer the mighty Otonabee River.

The building housing our newest college (called Peter Gzowski College, after the renowned CBC broadcaster) is named “Enweying,” a Nishnaabewin phrase meaning “the way we speak together.” Indigenous culture is celebrated throughout the entire institution, which offers Indigenous studies as a major or minor. This is one example of how Trent strives to achieve optimum inclusiveness on- and off-campus. Arthur Newspaper, the official university independent press for more than 50 years, releases issues celebrating everything from black history month to self-love week to pink hijab week.

Local Vibe
Off-campus, in Peterborough’s downtown core, there is truly something for everyone. There will be something for you in this historic town, whether you like a cup of the finest coffee, authentic cuisine from all around the world, live music, or a late-night poutine from an establishment named by Buzzfeed as one of the top 10 in Canada. There is also much to be said about the nightlife here, with bars and clubs of every variety. Plus, thanks to the Quaker Oats factory, the whole town is flooded with the aroma of fresh-baked cookies two or three times a day.

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