On Campus

The University of Victoria divested its working capital fund of fossil fuels after students held a protest at the school’s administrative building (Colin Smith)

Inside the student-led movements urging Canadian universities to divest from fossil fuels

University students across Canada are frustrated by the slow pace of halting dangerous climate change, and they are wielding their power to do something about it
People in Katoomba, Australia, saw these scattered bushfires on the horizon in December 2019 (Brett Hemmings/Getty Images)

Six Canadian university students on how they’re fighting climate change

University students in Canada are paying more attention to climate change than ever before. It’s their future that’s in limbo, they say, and they want companies and governments—and their own schools—to start listening.
UBC's Fooood location (Photograph by Felicia Chang)

The grassroots food insecurity initiatives putting an end to the ’starving student’

Student and admin-led efforts are leading the charge to stop food insecurity on Canadian university campuses

Five basic kitchen supplies every student should have

You don’t need a Le Creuset Dutch oven to whip up a delicious meal for one (or, say, eight). A few key items are enough to launch your cooking career—and some of them may even last you a lifetime.
YUMMY VEGAN BOLOGNESE(Photograph by Sarah Palmer)

Five easy, tasty recipes for students on a budget

 Tempted to order pizza—again? Maybe try one of these recipes instead; they’re cheap and cheerful, with bragging rights guaranteed.
Students stay masked at a 2021 orientation event outside the University of Calgary’s Schulich School of Engineering (Courtesy of Schulich School of Engineering/University of Calgary)

Campus life at Canadian universities during the second pandemic school year

Canadian universities are welcoming students back to class, residence and even karaoke events. But there’s still plenty of online instruction, and some schools have vaccine mandates.
University of Calgary. (Courtesy of University of Calgary)

Canada’s best universities by reputation: Rankings 2022

We surveyed university faculty and senior administrators, as well as a variety of business people across the country, asking for their views on quality and innovation at Canadian universities
(Courtesy of Jonathan Bielaski/University of Waterloo)

Canada’s best universities by student satisfaction: Rankings 2022

More than 19,000 university students responded to Maclean’s online survey, giving their opinions on professors and staff, residence life, and opportunities for extracurricular activities and experiential education, such as co-op programs
Avis Kozar (left) and Sieroka launched a page on Instagram to publicize alleged instances of sexual misconduct at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ont. (Photograph by Sarah Dea)

What happens to sexual assault reports at Canadian universities? No one really knows.

Despite many schools having policies to deal with sexual violence, it is often unclear what actually happens when a report is made.
(We Are/Getty Images)

Self-care tips for post-secondary students

School is stressful enough without a pandemic layered on. Here are some tips for taking care and staying grounded.