All you can drink? Not so fast -

All you can drink? Not so fast

Concordia cracks down on ‘illegal’ student union parties


Concordia University has cracked down on “all you can drink” bi-monthly parties hosted by the students’ union. The cultural nights, as they are known, began last year and feature food and drink from a different culture each time. Students paid a flat rate of five dollars and were given access to as much alcohol as they wanted.

When advertising for this past Wednesday’ s culture night, the administration objected to the promotion of “all you can drink.” A spokesperson for the university told campus papers, the Link and the Concordian, that such an event would actually be illegal under Quebec liquor laws. After consulting with university security, several measures will be taken to slow alcohol consumption and control student drunkeness at the popular events.

Fewer bartenders will be working, and breaks will be taken where alchohol is not served. Security will be conducting hourly patrols and students will have to wear bracelets that track how many drinks they’ve had.

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