Student debt smarts -

Student debt smarts

Education doesn’t come cheap. How to keep your debt in check


Being smart about student debt

Education doesn’t come cheap. A lot of students just assume they’ll go into debt to pay the bills. But is that a smart move? After all, no one likes debt. And student debt can hang painfully over your head for years after you graduate.

The good news is that borrowing for your studies after high school isn’t like borrowing to buy a car or a big-screen TV. Those things will eventually wear out and need to be replaced. But your education has lasting, long-term benefits – especially for your wallet.

Studies show that university graduates tend to make somewhere around $20,000 a year more than non-graduates. Over your whole career, that can add up to about $1 million of extra income.

So if you’re ready to make the investment, but need some help paying your way, read on. You’ll find lots of useful information, tips and examples about how to manage your student loans wisely. And, you’ll discover how it really pays off to get smart about student debt.

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