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Campus Eats: University of British Columbia

The Point Grill's food is mostly worth it, but skip the starter

The 2013 Maclean’s University Rankings includes an examination of the dining on Canadian campuses. We found healthier options than ever, but also a new problem—high prices.

Maclean’s On Campus is continuing the conversation by having students review food on their campuses and showing what it costs to dine. If you’re a student, you can help. Send us a review of the food on your campus. Keep your receipts. If we publish it, we’ll reimburse you.

Here is the first entry in our Campus Eats series of reviews. It’s worth noting that The Point is UBC’s fine dining restaurant; there are many more affordable options nearby. From Zafira Rajan:

The Point Grill at the University of British Columbia
3.5 stars out five
Total Price: $51.20

Located in the Marine Drive student residence, The Point Grill hits the spot but slams the wallets of starving students. The dim lighting, soft music and friendly waiters create a pleasant ambiance, and food not served in takeout containers may be worth it if you’re really craving a sit-down dinner.

The nachos starter isn’t recommended. It cost almost as much as the main course of cod and chips, and while the nachos had all the right toppings, they were served cold with barely any cheese. The cod, however, had great texture and flavour. The tempura batter and pickled ginger tartar sauce complemented each other. This restaurant always serves great chips. The well-mixed Caesar to wash it down was satisfying. Dessert, a hot apple turnover, was my favourite course. The crisp puff pastry was filled with apples and topped with ice cream. With a hot-cold contrast and subdued sweetness, it was an impressive end to an otherwise average meal.

Overall, it was a decent experience. However, the prices are so high that most students would squint at the menu in search of the cheapest dishes. To make it more worthwhile, skip the starter.

The bill:
Cod & Chips $15.00
Nachos $14.00
Caesar $6.25
Apple Turnover $6.00
Taxes: $4.95
Tip: $5.00
Total: $51.20

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