Carleton students' unions take university to court -

Carleton students’ unions take university to court

Say administration is witholding membership fees for union’s critical stance


Student unions at Carleton University in Ottawa want a judge to order the university to hand over student membership fees. The Carleton University Students’ Association and the Graduate Students’ Association say the university is withholding the money to force them to sign new fee agreements.

They say the university wants control over how the money is spent, which student leaders say would jeopardize their autonomy. The groups add they have made concessions in negotiations with the administration. The student unions have been critical of the university’s handling of a number of issues, and they say the demands amount to political interference and an attempt to stifle student voices.

Students association president Alex Sirois says the fees are their only source of operating income and the university has no right to withhold the money. “Without these fees, we won’t be able to offer services like our food bank, safe walk home program, or health plan and may be forced to close our businesses,” he said.

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