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Class-action lawsuit filed against York University

Law firm seeks compensation for students, including loss of income and tuition

A Toronto-based law firm has launched a class-action lawsuit against York University on behalf of students seeking reimbursement for damages they say were incurred by a 12-week-strike at the school.

The suit was filed by Juroviesky and Ricci LLP on Jan. 25 in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. The firm is alleging that York University violated its statutory and common law duties to York students who were left stranded by the prolonged strike.

“Students of York University are entitled to a refund of the students’ tuition and other fees paid to York, and for damages (direct and indirect) for losses suffered by students enrolled in full and part time programs,” said a statement issued by the firm.

In their effort to compile a list of potential plaintiffs, the firm set up the website www.yorktookmymoney.com, which also contains a list of frequently asked questions concerning the lawsuit. It says they are seeking the widest range of damages possible, including loss of income, tuition reimbursement, housing reimbursement for housing and other costs.

Currently, the Facebook group publicizing the suit online has more than 6,500 members.