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More than 5,000 York students set to resume classes

Four programs taught by tenured faculty are set to resume Monday

The executive committee of York University’s Senate has announced, in a posting on the York website, that over 5,000 students will resume classes Monday.

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Classes will resume for undergraduate business students, students in the School of Administrative Studies, education students in the full-time consecutive program and graduate students in the Master of Public Policy, Administration & Law program.

These programs, with the exception of some courses in the education program, are taught by tenured professors represented by the York University Faculty Association.

In the statement released late Wednesday, York University says the Ontario Teachers’ Federation has lifted its suspension of in-classroom practica. The Federation is the umbrella labour union for all public teachers in the province and normally suspends practica as a show of solidarity during labour disputes involving university faculty.

This is the largest resumption of classes by the university since the strike began 11 weeks ago. Classes resumed for students at York’s Osgoode Hall law schools and special classes were also held in December for exchange students.