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I’m joined the many purchasers of Hewlett-Packard laptops who now own a problematic laptop that was purchased little over a year ago.

The HP laptop has been breaking down slowly but surely since October and the warranty expired in November 2008.

I called HP in October when my computer started to show the symptoms of motherboard problems. They set me a link for a patch which supposely guaranteed to fix my laptop model. The problems continued. I purchased a USB wireless adapter because my wireless card no longer worked and this seemed to stop the continued degradation of my laptop for a month.

During the past few weeks, my laptop has been stalling while booting up and, as of last night, my laptop became an expense paper weight.

I called technical support this morning and they continue to deny there is a problem with their laptop. HP says they will repair my laptop, if I pay hundreds of dollars for the repair. I’m not prepared to throw money away when I can get a basic (and potentially more reliable) laptop for the same money.

Anyone have an opinion on ACER laptops? I’m looking at getting myself a cheap laptop with basic capabilities. When I need multimedia and graphics, I’ll use my home desktop. I basically need a laptop that does word processing well and fits into a student budget, especially in January when I just pay an installment on my tuition.

I’ll never be purchasing another product from them, especially since their tech support continues to deny they have a problem.

I’m presently grabbing critical files off the HP hard drive and transferring to my desktop.