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Degrees of deceit

More than 200 military members, civilians and contractors caught with fake degrees

When U.S. soldiers can’t be all they can be, some fake it.

At last count, more than U.S. 200 service members, army civilians and defence contractors bought bogus university degrees in order to snag promotions and boost their paychecks. One especially sneaky major rose through the ranks with the help of eight fake degrees, including a bachelor’s in Business Management, a master’s in Management and a Ph.D in International Management Strategy.

“To have someone who would go and do something like this, it sickens me,” said one defence department spokesman. “Each case, it is significant, it is egregious and it just smacks right at those core values that we live by.”

The U.S. army has launched its own internal investigation.

Watch the video from WHNT News here.