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Five new things we know about the Luka Magnotta case

Jun Lin's suspected killer is back in Montreal

Martin Patriquin of Maclean’s will be at court today for Luka Rocca Magnotta’s appearance. Watch our website for updates. Follow him here: @MartinPatriquin.

The main suspect in the case of the death and dismemberment of Chinese student Jun Lin returned to Canada aboard a military plane Monday evening.

News of Luka Rocca Magnotta’s arrival prompted wide coverage from the country’s news outlets. Tuesday morning’s headlines are all about the operation to bring Magnotta back and what’s next for the man dubbed “Canadian Psycho” by the European press. Here are just some of the details:

Security was tight at Montreal’s Mirabel airport, where “a large convoy of marked and unmarked vehicles” awaited. Magnotta disembarked from a Royal Canadian Air Force Airbus CC-150 Polaris just after 7 p.m. Monday from Germany, the Globe and Mail reported.

The CBC notes that Magnotta will appear in a Montreal courtroom Tuesday, when he is expected to be formally charged.

Now that Magnotta is back in Canada and available to authorities for interrogation, Montreal police turns to the one lingering question in Jun Lin’s death. The National Post’s Allison Cross calls the quest to find Jun Lin’s head “a gruesome question that befits a gruesome crime.” Lin’s hands and feet were mailed to two political parties’ offices in Ottawa, two schools in Vancouver and his torso was found in a suitcase in Montreal.

The Toronto Star’s columnist Rosie DiManno provides plenty of colour on Magnotta’s escape from Montreal last month, as well as on his attention-craving, narcissistic online persona. “The media audience he courted so cravenly — in vain — will be there. For the vain and the craven,” writes DiManno.

From Montreal, the Gazette focused on the circus surrounding Magnotta’s return at Mirabel Airport. The Gazette’s Rene Bruemmer reports that bail is highly unlikely for Magnotta, according to Quebec’s prosecutor’s office, and that two investigators will be interrogating him to find out the location of the missing body part.

Martin Patriquin and Nicholas Kohler authored Inside the twisted world of Luka Rocco Magnotta in the June 11 issue of Maclean’s.