Galloway speaks -

Galloway speaks

Protesters fail to deter speech from controversial British politician


Former British MP George Galloway kicked off his cross country speaking tour at York University Tuesday night. Galloway was famously denied entry into Canada last year because he had supported Hamas and other groups that the Canadian government considers to be terrorist organizations. Federal Court ruled last month that Galloway is in fact allowed in the country.

A group of protesters chanted slogans and waived the Israeli flag in the foyer of a auditorium on campus while York security stood close by. Placards featured slogans such as “Go away Galloway,” and “No intimidation on my campus.”

After the talk, Galloway posted to his twitter that the night had gone well. “The cheers from the 700 at Toronto’s York Uni (sic) drowned and washed out the murmur from the Zionist protesters. A great night,” he wrote.

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