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Guelph football player gets 4.5 years in prison

Convict had bragged he would receive only three months

Photo courtesy of davisonscott15 on Flickr

A former University of Guelph football player was sentenced to 4.5 years in prison Monday.

Kyle Hjelholt, 24, was convicted of aggravated assualt in June after he picked up fellow-student Christopher Fruetel and threw him over a railing in the early hours of Sept. 8, 2009, following a verbal altercation. The three-metre fall left Fruetel with permanent difficulties concentrating, little short term memory and confusion. “I’m not the same person I once was,”  he told the court.

Hjelholt, a bleach-blonde strong-man competitor, bragged under a YouTube video earlier this year that he would get maximum three-months for the assault, according to the Guelph Mercury. “Such a lack of insight simply boggles the mind,” Justice Kenneth Langdon said Monday.