On Campus

I'm busy too

It’s exam time, for me as much as anyone else, and my last exam is on the 19th.  At that stage I should be blogging more regularly again.  I just figured I’d let everyone know.

In the interest of spinning this post in the direction of advice, allow me to suggest it might be worthwhile to let the people in your life know too, if you’re busy and will have your head down for a while.  Exam time (or final papers, etc.) is a perfectly valid excuse to be out of touch for a bit.  It isn’t hard to explain or to justify.  But if you’re going to be skimping on various relationships and commitments, even for a little while, it might be worth a brief note or conversation to indicate as much.  Otherwise your family, significant others, friends and such might start to feel neglected.  At least if you acknowledge that you are neglecting things, for a short while, you can show you’re thinking about them.

Don’t take for granted that everyone knows when crunch time comes, or how busy it is, or when it ends.  Let the people you care about know when you’ll rejoin society again.  Then you can work away in your own little corner, a little less burdened by guilt.

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