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McGill MBA students penalized by province for tuition hike

Less financial aid for students in privately funded programs

McGill MBA students are being penalized by the province for the university’s decision to hike tuition from $1,700 to $29,500. Pat Tenneriello, president of the MBA students’ association, told the Globe and Mail that before the hike he was promised around $9,000 a year in financial aid, more than two thirds of which would have been an outright grant that did not have to be repaid. After the tuition increase, that number was clawed back to $7,600 because McGill’s MBA program is now privately funded, meaning its students are not eligible for the same level of support as students in public programs. When the tuition increase was first announced, Quebec education minister Michelle Courchesne threatened to reduce McGill’s operating grant by $28,000 for every student enroled in the MBA program, but Line Beauchamp who replaced Courchesne in the summer has yet to follow up.

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