Memorial U to gov't: Give up role in president selection -

Memorial U to gov’t: Give up role in president selection


A Memorial University committee is calling on the Newfoundland and Labrador government to relinquish its involvement in the selection of the school’s president.

The committee was struck last year by the university’s board of regents after the province’s education minister admitted she personally interviewed and rejected two candidates for the school’s top job.

In a report released today, the committee issued four recommendations, including one that would strip the provincial cabinet of its authority in approving or rejecting an independent search committee’s selection for Memorial’s president.

The Newfoundland government has been accused of violating Memorial’s autonomy for its involvement in the school’s presidential search.

But it has dismissed such criticism, and as recently as last month Premier Danny Williams said he would not change the law that allows cabinet ministers to approve the school’s presidential choice.

In most other provinces, universities don’t need the approval of their provincial governments to select incoming presidents.

– The Canadian Press

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