Page's parents split on daughter's protest -

Page’s parents split on daughter’s protest

Brigitte DePape’s family didn’t know about her plans


Brigitte DePape, the 21-year-old former senate page, has received support from one parent — but not the other — for her stunt in parliament on Friday, she told The Toronto Star. DePape was fired after she unfurled a red octagonal STOP HARPER sign during the Speech from the Throne. After speaking with her family on Friday night, she said that she was happy to “hear some encouragement from a really important woman in my life.” She was referring to her mother, Marcelle DePape. But, she added: “My dad was quite critical of it. He sort of asked what concrete changes can this actually have.” Denis DePape, her father, then told The Star that the incident was a surprise to him, but that Brigitte “is often looking for ways to express her caring and her interest, her desire to see improvement.”

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