Students accused of home invasion -

Students accused of home invasion

Brock University called to investigate


St. Catharines city councilors  are calling on Brock University to investigate an off-campus incident involving students alleged to be responsible for a home invasion last Thursday. According to the St. Catharines Standard, the so far unidentified culprits were having a snowball fight in the street after a house party. A local area resident shouted at the students to keep it down when he got up for work at 4:30am.

The man’s wife told the Standard what happened next:

The woman said after they were told to be quiet, the students began swearing and threatening the man, and then ran across their lawn to the house. She and her 14-year-old daughter slammed the front door shut, but before they could lock it, the students had shoved the door open and four young men were in their living room, swearing and throwing punches.

All three of the family members were knocked to the floor, and one of the men began pummelling her husband, she said.

Their daughter was screaming and crying and the woman tried to call police, but the phone was knocked out of her hand.

The incident occurred in an area where large numbers of Brock students are known to live, but the exact location has not been released to the public.

Although police are investigating the incident, city councilors say it is Brock University’s responsibility to also look into the home invasion. Speaking with Maclean’s, Brock spokesman, Kevin Cavanagh says the administration is “not sure” what the city councilors mean, emphasizing that the incident took place off campus. However, Cavanagh said that the university would be “eager” to assist the police with their investigation. Brock is also encouraging students with any knowledge of the incident to come forward. “We have strong links to the local police services,” Cavanagh said.

Brock has also indicated that it will consider disciplining any students found to have been involved in the home invasion.

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