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Students find summer jobs

Labour Force Survey shows improved unemployment rate for students

Students are finding summer employment more readily this year, compared to last, according to numbers released Friday by Statistics Canada.  The Overall unemployment rate, at 7.9 per cent, is at its lowest level since January 2009. While  the May and June job numbers improved for most demographics, they are particularly encouraging for the summer student job market.

The unemployment rate for youths aged 15-24 dropped 0.5 per cent between May and June, and about one per cent over June 2009, bringing it to 14.6 per cent. When isolating students, those who were full time in March and who are planning to return to school in the fall, the unemployment rate has improved faster. For students aged 20-24, the June  unemployment rate dropped 3.7 percentage points to 10.7, over June 2009. Last year unemployment for the same group increased by 4.8 per cent over 2008, the worst since 1997. For students aged 17-19, the June 2010 unemployment rate dropped 2.1 percentage points over June 2009 to 16 per cent.

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