On Campus

Suspended UOttawa prof profiled

Self-described “anarchist” taught popular Ottawa U activism course

There’s a profile piece on University of Ottawa professor Denis Rancourt in today’s Globe and Mail. As noted in an earlier Macleans OnCampus post, Dr. Rancourt, a noted physicist, academic blogger, and senior tenured professor at UofO, was suspended and banned from campus in December as a result of a disagreement with the university administration about his grading practices. From the Globe story:

Building on his science and society lectures, the self-described “anarchist” developed a popular course on activism at Ottawa U, which was cancelled by the university the following year, and started an alternative film society focused on social justice. He made headlines after 10-year-old twins registered for his course with their mother – and he supported the filing of a human-rights complaint claiming ageism when the university said they couldn’t stay. His research can be equally alternative: He has called global warming, for instance, a myth. He has also been an outspoken critic of “Israeli military aggression” and is not shy about expressing those views with students.