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Teacher college applications down nearly 20%

Lowest total since 2002

Teachers’ colleges in Ontario attracted the fewest applicants since 2002, according to statistics available at the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC).

Hopeful students had submitted 46,190 applications to teacher-education programs at Ontario universities by July 9. That represents a nearly 20-per-cent drop over last year’s total of 58,219 and the lowest total since 41,812 applications were filed in 2002.

The number of applicants is also down at about the same rate. (Each applicant may submit more than one application). The total of 13,338 applicants is the lowest since 2001’s total of 11,769. According to a story that appeared in the Toronto Star, there are about 7,500 spaces in Ontario’s teachers colleges.

By July, the University of Ottawa had received the most applications (6,202), followed by the University of Toronto (5,627) and York University (4,837).