The Student Poverty Song -

The Student Poverty Song

Dalhousie anti-tuition video a hit online


The Dalhousie Student Union has produced a video called “The Student Poverty Song.” The video has already been viewed on You Tube more than 25, 000 times, and features students holding up signs with how much debt they have, a student trying to pay tuition with Kraft Dinner, and a student eating expired cheese. One of the song’s lyrics is: “I’ve been living like a crook, getting dirty looks and the only way I can make a little bit of money is if I sell my textbooks.” The video was made in protest of the Nova Scotia government’s decision to cut university funding by four per cent and lift the province’s tuition freezes in favour of a three per cent cap in tuition increases. “The message about rising tuition costs is being sent out by current students to future students and their families and to decision makers,” a spokesman for the Alliance of Nova Scotia Student Associations said.

View the whole video here.


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