Troll runs for student president at UCalgary

Promises to ’bridge man and troll world’

A troll puppet by the name of Mr. Tiddlywinks is running for president of the University of Calgary Students’ Union, as part of the school’s long tradition of joke candidates. According to his website, Mr. Tiddlywinks wants to “get rid of fine arts degree” because “this not real education.” Another candidate, Delilah Swift, wants to amalgamate all faculties down to “haves” and “have nots,” and promote “binge drinking” as part of her “Hierarchy, Apathy, and Mediocrity!” platform.

While Mr. Tiddlywinks and Delilah Smith have access to $100 in campaign funding, unlike in the past, joke candidates will not appear on election ballots. But returning officer Sabrina Grover told the Calgary Herald that “joke candidates help promote the election on campus and the atmosphere of political engagement, which we find is helpful for the student culture.”