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U de M lecturers go on strike

20 per cent of classes have been affected


It is strike season in Canada’s post-secondary sector. Although strikes have been avoided at Ontario’s colleges, and, so far, the semester looks safe at the University of New Brunswick, 2,400 lecturers at the Université de Montréal officially walked off the job earlier this week. Approximately 20 per cent of classes at U de M classes have been canceled, predominantly in the science and education faculties. Mid-term exams have also been put on hold.

At the beginning of February, 71 per cent of lecturers agreed, in a vote, to use pressure tactics on the university. Until now, pressure has been limited to half-day walk outs. The lecturers have been without a contract since August, and the union has had at least 20 negotiations with university management. A government mediator has also been involved. The next meeting is to negotiations meeting is to be held March 8.