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U of T flash mob sings for departing chancellor

Choir sings to tune of Swing Low, Sweet Chariot

Talk about a heartwarming send-off.

During his last convocation ceremony as University of Toronto Chancellor, David Peterson shed tears as a student-led flash mob broke into song to sing his praises. From the Toronto Star:

Just as president David Naylor was giving some final advice to the students, the giant pipe organ came alive. Then one student stood up and began singing to the tune of “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot.”

“Farewell, dear chancellor, all your convocations are done,” she sang.

Another student joined in, and then the curtains rose, revealing a choir and large band. Peterson looked around, trying to make sense of the scene, and began wiping tears away as hundreds in attendance stood and clapped.

The crowd joined in, clapping, giving Convocation Hall a gospel feel before Matt Woroshyl finished with a saxophone solo.

The whole thing was captured on video. Take a look.