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UBC student will not regain sight: doctors

Rumana Monzur was attacked by husband in Bangladesh

Doctors at the University of British Columbia said today that Rumana Monzur will never see again.

The 33-year-old master’s student had her eyes gouged and her nose bitten by her husband on a visit home to Bangladesh in June. Police in Dhaka charged him with the attack.

Monzur was issued a special visa to return to Canada for treatment, which was needed because she will be unable to resume her studies anytime soon. She has had four surgeries since arriving two weeks ago, but doctors say they have not restored her vision.

“I am very grateful for the medical care I have received,” Monzur said in a staetment published by UBC Public Affairs. “It had been my wish to recover my eyesight so I could see all the people who have been helping me. I want you all to pray for me. My family and I will need some time to adjust to this news.”

Her mother and five-year-old daughter were issued temporary resident visas for Canada last week. They should arrive soon.

The UBC community has raised $61,000 for her living expenses during recovery. Their goal is to collect $70,000.